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What to expect on your Wilderness adventure.


in a nutshell

While in the Jarbidge Wilderness, you'll have the opportunity to experience horseback riding, fly-fishing, great hikes, beautiful views, and so much more.

Each wilderness trip is a six-day, all-inclusive adventure. 

Our adventure begins on Sunday afternoon at the beautiful Tsawhawbitts Ranch Bed & Breakfast in Jarbidge, Nevada.  If you are flying commercially, your destination is Twin Falls, Idaho. Transportation to and from the airport is included in your package. We pack into the Wilderness on Monday and pack out on Friday.  You are responsible for Sunday and Saturday lodging costs.

  We will take you approximately 45 miles through the heart of the Jarbidge Wilderness.  We have two camps set up (East Fork and Emerald Lake), and we typically spend  two nights at each camp, weather permitting.

Our pack trips consist of the use of horses. Being an experienced horse person is not required. Our horses are all well broke and well accustomed to back country travel.  If you would rather hike in and out of camp, please contact us.


Safety is always our first concern when dealing with horses in the backcountry. We have years of horse experience and will share our wisdom with you the first morning and throughout your adventure. By the end of your trip, horse sense and horseback riding will become very familiar

Each Jarbidge Adventure is kept at a maximum of six guests, unless you are a private group of more than six.  All food, tents, sleeping pads, and equipment required to make your time spent in the backcountry most comfortable are supplied by us. Sleeping bags, personal gear, and fishing rod are all you need to bring. 


You create your experience.  whether you prefer to ride, hike, fish, or just relax with a good book, we are here to make your trip unforgettable. 



All-inclusive Summer Pack Trip Adventures are $2,700 per person.  A $1,000 per person non-refundable deposit is required to hold your desired week.

All-inclusive Three Day Base Camp Adventures are $1,500 per person.  A $500 per person non-refundable deposit is required to hold your desired dates.

Special group rates are available for groups over ten.



We are more than happy to accommodate children on your summer adventures.  Due to the steep nature of the country and inherent danger of riding horses in the wilderness, we limit the age of children to six years-old and up.  

We have very gentle and sure-footed horses perfect for children.  If you would like your child to wear a helmet while riding in the backcountry, please bring one.

The Jarbidge Wilderness is a magical place for kids and gives them the opportunity to learn about horses, nature, and being a good steward of the land.  It's even more fun to watch them!


bring your fishing gear and hiking boots!


fishing, Hiking & riding

FISHING: Our first camp sits on the bank of the East Fork of the Jarbidge River, and our second camp sits just east of Emerald Lake. Both provide great fishing opportunities. Additional fishing spots are accessible by horseback and hiking as well.  If you would like to fish, you need to obtain a 3-day fishing license that starts on the Tuesday of your trip.  You can purchase one prior by clicking here.


HIKING: Whether you want to attempt a hike to the top of one of the peaks, hike to the top of the canyon walls outside of camp, or take a stroll down the trial, there are many opportunities for all desired experiences.  Make sure you bring sturdy and well broken-in hiking boots or walking shoes!

RIDING Horseback Riding. If the ride into camp was not enough, trail rides are available throughout the week! Enjoy all the Jarbidge Wilderness has to offer on horseback.

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