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Our Story

The Jarbidge Wilderness is located many miles from any urban development and encompasses 116,000 acres adjacent to the Idaho/Nevada border.  The Jarbidge Wilderness mountains rise over 10,500 feet.  This is an environment that has nurtured everything from the ancient Shoshone Indian civilization to the turn of the century miners, cowboys, sheep herders, and those hearty enough to venture in and test their wills to succeed and survive.


The Prunty family homesteaded in Charleston, Nevada, in the late 1890's.  As the eagle flies, Charleston sits only three miles from the Jarbidge Wilderness.  Nestled in a remote valley surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, the Prunty forefathers decided this would be home.  The Pruntys began guiding hunters in the Jarbidge Wilderness in the 1940's in order to supplement their ranch income. Over 100 years after settlement, the Prunty Home Ranch is still a working horse and cattle ranch and outfitting has become a family tradition. With four generations of outfitting in the same territory, we take pride in the services we provide our guests and the country in which we operate. With each visit our guests can expect to see this beautiful territory at its best. 


Master Guide Lowell Prunty and his daughters, Caitlin and Monica, continue the family tradition, adding summer pack trip adventures to the mix.  Our commitment as stewards of the land includes the practice of no-trace ethics, which minimize the impact of humans on the land in order to ensure that future generations will witness the same pristine environment as our forefathers did.

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